Responsive is the new word.

Today, everyone talks about responsive websites. Let’s make it simple. A responsive website is a website that responds to the device screen you are watching it on. Up until recently, nobody really cared what your website looked like on a smartphone. As mobile devices became more popular, the use of Internet on smartphones and tablets grew. And you could easily make the difference between a responsive website and a classic website that needed constant zoom in and out.

So what happens in a responsive website? Basically, the pages you are viewing resize and reformat according to the size of your screen. All elements of your website act differently whether you use a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

Responsive Website Service

But why is it so essential to have a responsive website for my business?

Let’s face it. More and more people use their mobile device everyday, for everything. Today, if someone makes an Internet search for your business, on Google for example, 50% of the time, it will be from a mobile device. If your website is not responsive, it won’t look good, it won’t be user-friendly and chances are your visitors will instantly leave it. Every time you lose a visitor, you loose a possible client. How much business can you afford loosing, simply for not having a responsive website?

How can I check if my website is responsive?

If you’re on a mobile device and have to zoom in or horizontally scroll to read content, your website is not responsive. If it was created before 2012, there’s a big chance it is not responsive.
If you’re viewing it on a desktop, simply resize your browser window to a smaller size. If you see the elements are moving one under the other without creating a horizontal scrolling, it is responsive.

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