Improving SEO can be quite difficult and challenging. To help you start, we are giving you 3 tips that will get you a better ranking and attract some more traffic.

How to improve your SEO?

1. Have updated content on your website

Obviously for those who know a little about SEO, the best way to improve your ranking and grow your traffic, is to create and upload brand new quality content. So what if you don’t have a copywriter or the time to create some new content? Basically, what you should do is to make some light changes to the pages and posts you already have. Small Changes can have great impact. Do the following:

  • Add new content to some of your posts. One or two sentences will be enough.
  • Replace some photos and adjust the alt tag accordingly.
  • Adjust keywords and header to your content.

If you follow these steps let’s say, every couple months, you should see some improvements in your ranking.

2. Video

If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine how much can a video be worth. As Google owns Youtube, having Youtube videos on your website will be much appreciated and rewarded by Google in terms of visibility. Videos greatly enhance the user experience. They grab users’ attention, make them spend more time on your website, which in the end, help your ranking.
What kind of videos you may ask? If you can’t edit and produce elaborated videos, your website could use a series of images on which you add music, a video capture of your work, or simply a client testimonial.

3. Interaction

To create interaction with your visitor, you must create content that encourage them to leave a comment or share your posts. In order to do so, make sure your comments option is left open on your blog page and that you have an effective anti-spam plugin set on your website.
Add social media buttons that will make your posts shareable on the main social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Interesting content is more likely to be shared!

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