Project Description

We met Club Tropical Ballroom in December 2016, as they wished to redesign their entire website. Indeed, they needed a quality web tool to showcase their beautiful party hall in Hallandale Beach. Our mission was to create a new website, fully responsive and very ergonomic, able to immerse visitors in their future event at Club Tropical Ballroom.


Aesthetic, light, responsive.

In order to recreate the general atmosphere of the place, we used a large amount of professional photos of the various events that took place at the Club Tropical Ballroom. We also used a lot of negative space (white space) as well as touches of blue, in accordance with the lights of the place, and tropical flowers.


Simply slide the cursor to compare before and after redesign.


 Seamless promotion from web to print

We brought the Club Tropical Ballroom venue to life with this 12 page brochure, directly inspired from our website design.
Club Tropical Ballroom Brochure Design
Club Tropical Ballroom Brochure Design

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