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How can I improve my SEO?


Improving SEO can be quite difficult and challenging. To help you start, we are giving you 3 tips that will get you a better ranking and attract some more traffic. 1. Have updated content on your website Obviously for those who know a little about SEO, the best way to improve your ranking and grow your traffic, is to create and upload brand new quality content. So what if you don't have a copywriter or the time to create some new content? Basically, what you should do is to make some light changes to the pages and [...]

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How to estimate the cost of a website?


Having a website is a great opportunity to anyone who wants to communicate on his products or services. No matter what business you're in, having a website will help you: Spread the word to a larger audience. Communicate 24/7, worldwide Measure each of your actions and optimize your return on investments Know your customers better and interact with them Grow your notoriety Stand out from the crowd What kind of website are you planning to create? Depending on the business you're running, you will easily orientate your choice to one of the following: Showcase type (restaurant, hairdresser, [...]

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What is a responsive website?


Responsive is the new word. Today, everyone talks about responsive websites. Let’s make it simple. A responsive website is a website that responds to the device screen you are watching it on. Up until recently, nobody really cared what your website looked like on a smartphone. As mobile devices became more popular, the use of Internet on smartphones and tablets grew. And you could easily make the difference between a responsive website and a classic website that needed constant zoom in and out. So what happens in a responsive website? Basically, the pages you are viewing resize and reformat according [...]

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How to promote my restaurant?


Years ago, restaurant marketing strongly depended on simple word-of-mouth. Today, with the development of new technologies and Internet, marketing strategies have changed. And successful restaurant owners have quickly taken advantage of it. If you are a restaurant owner, chances are you already have tried or definitely should try one of these strategies: Post on Instagram and Facebook You’ve all heard it. “Wait! Don’t start eating yet, I need to take a picture for my Instagram!” Welcome to foodporn times. Yes, your clients love taking and watching food pictures. Get in the game and start posting as well. [...]

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