You need a new website.

In most cases, clients will interact with your business across many different channels and devices.
Great news! We create stunning responsive websites your clients can read from their desktop, tablet and/or smartphone!


Users spend 69% of their media time on smartphones.
57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

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We create clean, modern and professional websites.


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Responsive | Clean | Professional

It is imperative that design is conceived and developed in a way that your branding is respected and the user experience takes place without a hitch.

What should a professional website include?
• Responsive design
• Dynamic menu tab navigation
• Integration of all your content
• Integration of your social networks
• Online contact form
• Multilingual compatibility
• Full access to CMS on website delivery
• Pages ready for on-page Search Engine Optimization

We include all of the above in every website we create.

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Focus on your priorities.

If you have a limited budget, opting for stock photos is definitely a nice fallback, provided that your advertising strategy doesn’t imply mass media attention. Indeed, you don’t always need an expensive custom photo shoot to show what you have to show.


Content is everything.

Whether it is for your website, your email or your blog, content can be a real lead generator. Copywriting should be handled with care and attention and always proofread by an expert.

What is the first thing you do before calling a business? You search it online and read on its website, right? You’ll get your first impression and make up your mind whether you’re gonna work with them or not. Did you like what you read? Did you find it interesting somehow? Did you get bored? In any way, you’ll have your own perception and probably will extend it to the whole business: meticulous, modern, professional… or amateurish, oldish… or maybe something in between.

That’s exactly where good content will make the difference.  Content needs to fit with your brand. Our copywriters will get a clear brief from you and work on  strategic content that meets your audience, message and objectives. And always SEO-oriented.

Here are some of the things our editors check:
– Grabby headline and first sentence
– Tone and branding
– Overall organization and presentation of ideas/points
– Keyword density
– Anchor text
– Outgoing links
– Your stated preferences
This is all in addition to the standard spelling and grammar check. Our writers know how to carefully weave keywords into their sentences in a way that sounds natural, never stuffed in.


Let’s put your website online. Safely.

Let’s put your website online. Safely.

Domain name

Finding the right domain name for your business can be a challenge.

You need to make it pronounceable, short and intuitive. You also want to avoid trademark infringement and use broad keywords.

We help you make the right choice for your domain name(s), no matter how many you need.

Web hosting

We work with a state-of-the art hosting company based in United States and offering 24/7 Technical Support. Our perfectly adapted hosting package is dedicated to WordPress websites and include:
– High speed server
– Dedicated resource
– High server availability (99.9%)
– Dedicated web cache & multiple caching layers
– FTP access
– 90 days backup

SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a security layer you’re adding onto your website. What does it do? It tells search engines like Google that your website is totally secure (as opposed to fraudulent websites) and will avoid typical warnings that say your website is not secure.
What do you get?
1. You gain customer confidence.
2. Your clients’ data will be encrypted and thus protected.
3. Google, the world’s #1 search engine favors HTTPS-encrypted websites.


Let’s find you fast on Google.

Let's find you fast on Google

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of improving a website’s online visibility by optimizing on-site and off-site elements. In other words, SEO services will help you grow your website traffic (get more visitors) and get a higher rank in search engines, like Google. Improving an online business’ search engine presence allows a greater opportunity to reach prospective clients on the Internet.

Google Logo

SEO 4-step process

1. Create a strategy
We consult with you to understand your movements, capabilities, target markets and overall objectives in retaining your clientele.

2. Improve On-Site SEO
We optimize your website with an up-to-date, on-site SEO architecture. This includes writing compelling meta descriptions, title tags, use of heading tags, sitemap optimization, internal linking structure, image-alt-text, keyword use, schema, Google authorship and much more.

3. Execute Off-Site SEO
7SPIRIT has identified and has access to distributors directories, social networks and link-building sources available in the marketplace. Our connections to these link-building sources deliver highly relevant links to your website. Links are a core component of search engine rankings.

4. Analyze Results
We provide monthly rankings and traffic reports to monitor the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Does my business need SEO?

There are different kinds of SEO services and they need to be adapted to your specific business and industry. Not every business works the same. You may have the most delicious cuisine in the city, but what if nobody’s aware of that? Well, local SEO will definitely help you. Let us assist you put your business on the map!

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Marketing emailing

Grow your Email list with effective email marketing that converts prospects into clients, and turns one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Landing pages

Increase the conversion rates of your Google AdWords campaigns with simple and efficient landing pages.



Grow your Email list by offering great content to your visitors via eBooks in exchange for their email addresses.

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